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(Made a few minor adjustments to my signature)
(simplified and modified my signature)
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[[User:Joe Rodgers|<strong style="color: blue;">Joe</strong>]] &raquo; ( <sup style="color: red;">[[User talk:Joe Rodgers|talk]]</sup> | <sup style="color: black;">[[Special:Contributions?target=Joe Rodgers|inspect]]</sup> | <sup style="color: green;">[http://blog.kevinbasil.com/2003/02/03/holy-irc-batman/ chat]</sup> ) <!-- <sup style="color: red;">[https://joeandjessie.net/ blog]</sup> -->
[[User:Joe Rodgers|<strong style="color: blue;">Joe</strong>]] <sup>( [[User talk:Joe Rodgers|talk]] &raquo; [[Special:Contributions?target=Joe Rodgers|inspect]] &raquo; [http://blog.kevinbasil.com/2003/02/03/holy-irc-batman/ chat] )</sup> <!-- [https://joeandjessie.net/ blog] -->

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