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My Beliefs

I would refer to myself as a non-Orthodox / Heterodox Christian. I will post some of my background here when I can, but for now suffice it to say that I would consider myself a pilgrim on a journey.

My Work Here

For now, I have an interest in working with the Special pages. You will probably find me chipping away at Wanted and Orphaned pages. I also edit pages at Wikipedia, but I prefer to work here.

I have recently (late June 2005) started work on the Church Calendar. I am probably stirring up trouble by moving things around without asking. The good thing is that they can always fix it back.

More Info

If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my home page, I can't promise you will find lots of engaging information there, however. You can ignore the security certificate mismatch. I use my web host's certificate so I can make secure logins when I'm away from home.

History at OrthodoxWiki

I previously started posting here as the user BugMeNot. I had created a username and password and posted them on bugmenot dot com. Well, I don't think they liked that around here! So, here I am, the real me.

External Links

Backing up my computer

Appling for an ISSN


uploading my photos

Orthodox blogs I read on occasion

Books and music I've been looking at