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About Me

I am a reader, contributor, editor, and sysop here at the OW. In case you are wondering, I would refer to myself as a non-Orthodox / Heterodox Christian. I have a very strong interest in Eastern Orthodoxy and its relationship to the historic Christian faith. I also edit pages at Wikipedia, but I prefer to work here.

If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my home page, However, I can't promise you will find lots of engaging information there. If you are more interested in my spiritual life you can read the About Joe page on my site.

My Work Here

For now, I have an interest in working with the Help wanted and Special pages. I have worked some on the Church Calendar. I would like to start developing some series on basic Orthodox beliefs and practices: These include:

I also have interests in helping make clarifications and suggestions for the Style Manual. For instance, I would like to help keep pages clear and concise. Having really long pages runs the risk of a lot of page scrolling. On the other hand, I am learning that short pages have their own problems. Other than that, I have been organizing conversion stories. In addition to this, I hope to get some maps created.

My subpages

Joe Rodgers is currently active on the OrthodoxWiki
He will be resting from his work here from unscheduled.
Please feel free to leave him messages on his talk page

Useful Internal Links

These are things I have read or seen and wanted to hold for review at a later time. Some are external links to things I like.

Category Ideas

  • Church Life
    • Things you do in Church
    • Things that are done in Church
  • Devotional Life (Spirituality?)
    • Things you do at home
  • Customs
    • Things that are habits or traditions done when you are in church (e.g. covering the head)