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'''Joe Rodgers''' is temporarily inactive on the OrthodoxWiki<br />
[http://joeandjessie.net/archives/joe/2005/08/02/primigravida/ This could change a few things]
He will be resting from his work here from '''21 July, 2005 through 1 August, 2005'''.<br />
Please feel free to leave him messages on his '''[[User talk:Joe Rodgers|talk page]]'''

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This could change a few things

My Work Here

For now, I have an interest in working with the Help wanted and Special pages. I have worked some on the Church Calendar. I would like to start developing some series on basic Orthodox beliefs and practices: These include:

I also have interests in helping make clarifications and suggestions for the Style Manual and organizing conversion stories. In addition to this, I hope to get some maps created.

Wiki philosophies

  • I will gladly abide by most any style/content rules issued by the sysops. I appreciate this resource and its adminstrators.
  • I would like to help keep pages clear and concise. Having really long pages runs the risk of a lot of page scrolling. On the other hand, I am learning that short pages have their own problems.

History at OrthodoxWiki

I previously started posting here as the user BugMeNot. I had created a username and password and posted them on bugmenot dot com. Well, I don't think they liked that around here! So, here I am, the real me.

My subpages

Useful Internal Links

My Beliefs

I would refer to myself as a non-Orthodox / Heterodox Christian. I will post some of my background here when I can, but for now suffice it to say that I would consider myself a pilgrim on a journey.

More Info

I also edit pages at Wikipedia, but I prefer to work here.

If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my home page, https://joeandjessie.net/. I can't promise you will find lots of engaging information there, however. You can ignore the security certificate mismatch. I use my web host's certificate so I can make secure logins when I'm away from home.