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About Me

Here I'm standing atop the roof of the Chapel at St. Herman's Seminary in Kodiak, AK

I'm currently a senior at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology looking for jobs. I note that many users here are clergy or somehow related. While I am not, I'm still young...so we'll see. I do wish to attend seminary at least for the education in my faith.

A note for my articles - I'm quite new to Wiki-ing. Please don't hesitate to criticize, I'll take it as a compliment!

Below is some unnecessary, but fun personal information

  • Birthday - April 19, 1984
  • Born and raised in Sayreville, NJ
Family - I'm blessed to have the following support behind me
  • Sister, Jamie, 5 years older than me
  • Mother, Sandra
  • Father, Robert
  • Ss. Peter and Paul (South River, NJ) (website) - (A member of the OCA)
  • I'm the 4th generation to attend, which is going to make it pretty hard to leave
  • Served as altar boy for...well a very long time
Church Related Activities
  • Frequent (not recently :-( ) attendee to FOCA Conventions and Tournaments
  • Alaskan Missionary Trip 2004 - highly suggested to everyone!
  • Camp counselor at St. Vladimir's Camp 2001, 2002
  • Hopefully, Camp counselor at St. Andrew's Camp 2006?