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My guardian O Panormitis
My friend St. Panteleimon, 18th-century icon from the Skete of Koutloumousiou, Mt. Athos

- «ευλογητος Κύριε, δίδαξον με τα δικαιώματά σου».
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Our Lord, the most Sweet Jesus, Eternal Bridegroom of my soul

  • Jesus, Sweetness of my heart.
  • Jesus, Strength of my body.
  • Jesus, Light of my soul.
  • Jesus, Liveliness of my mind.
  • Jesus, Gladness of my conscience.
  • Jesus, Hope unexcelled.
  • Jesus, Remembrance everlasting.
  • Jesus, Praise most exalted.
  • Jesus, my Glory most sublime.
  • Jesus, my Desire, reject me not.
  • Jesus, my Shepherd, seek me out.
  • Jesus, my Saviour, save me.

Hail, unwedded Bride Panagia

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