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{{User orthodox ANZ}}
{{User orthodox ANZ}}
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My guardian O Panormitis

TIL I am taking a break for a while!
- «ευλογητος Κύριε, δίδαξον με τα δικαιώματά σου».
B.E. This user has attained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering

«Χ ρ ι σ τ ό ς Α ν έ σ τ η»

'The all-holy mother of God was about to proceed to the Mount of Olives to pray; and praying to the Lord our God she said,'

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let the archangel Gabriel descend, that he may tell me concerning the chastisements and concerning things in heaven and on the earth and under the earth ...

Christ is Risen from the Dead, by death trampling on death and bestowing life ...

Our Lord, the most Sweet Jesus, Eternal Bridegroom of my soul

Excerpt from the Akathist Hymn to Our Sweetest Jesus Christ, Eikos 8

Wholly present with those below, yet in no way separated from those above, was the Uncircumscribed One, when of His own will He suffered for us; by His death, our death He put to death, and by His Resurrection, He granted life to us who chant to Him such words as these:

Jesus, Sweetness of my heart.
Jesus, Strength of my body.
Jesus, Light of my soul.
Jesus, Liveliness of my mind.
Jesus, Gladness of my conscience.
Jesus, Hope unexcelled.
Jesus, Remembrance everlasting.
Jesus, Praise most exalted.
Jesus, my Glory most sublime.
Jesus, my Desire, reject me not.
Jesus, my Shepherd, seek me out.
Jesus, my Saviour, save me.

Hail, unwedded Bride Panagia

Hail, Michael Archistratige interecede for us

My Patron Saint(s)

Touched by a Saint

List of saints who have helped me in my life, not including my Patron Saints and guardians:

  • Hail, St. Alexios the Man of God, My gentle Alexios, you were torn between family and love for Christ and as you looked upon the Cross of Jesus, without a word you walked away from bride, your family and your friends to do what you had to do ...
  • Hail, Phanourie intercede for us
  • Hail, Blessed Andrew the Fool-for-Christ, we are the fools Of thine own free will thou didst become a Fool, O Andrew, And utterly hate the lures of this world ... Thou didst choose foolishness for the sake of Christ, And didst make the crafty one foolish, Thou didst persevere with thy struggle in the midst of turmoil ... (I have had no input into article, I merely love this saint)
  • Hail, St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki, (ditto with the article)
  • Hail, St. Theodora of Vasta, Let my body be a church, my hair a forest of trees, and my blood a spring to water them

Structure of the Church of Greece

Articles arising from the development of the Church of Greece main article:

List of Diocese in Greece:

Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani - Hundred Doors (Paros)

Patmos island

Naxos island

Saints and Elders


Church of Cyprus articles

Monastery articles

Editing of articles not my own

List of my favourites:

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