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[[Athenagoras I]] (contributed) <br>
[[Athenagoras I]] (contributed) <br>
[[Demetrius I]] (contributed) <br>
[[Demetrius I]] (contributed) <br>
[[Maximus V of Constantinople]] (authored)<br>
[[Maximus V of Constantinople|Maximus V]] (authored)<br>
[[Benjamin I]] (authored)<br>
[[Benjamin I]] (authored)<br>
[[Photius II of Constantinople]] (authored)<br>
[[Photius II of Constantinople|Photius II]] (authored)<br>
[[Meletius IV (Metaxakis) of Constantinople]] (authored)<br>
[[Meletius IV (Metaxakis) of Constantinople|Meletius IV]] (authored)<br>

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Tower of Babel




Porting Userboxes and Babel

To Do:

Long Term:

Import Roman Emperors and Patriarchs of Constantinople

Short Term:

Clean up existing Emperor and Patriarch articles and stubs



Athenagoras I (contributed)
Demetrius I (contributed)
Maximus V (authored)
Benjamin I (authored)
Photius II (authored)
Meletius IV (authored)


Constantine V (authored)
Marcian (authored)
Byzantine Empire (authored)


Benedict XVI (authored)


Halki (authored)
Kevin Scherer (authored)
Primus inter pares (authored)
Benjamin (authored)