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[[Image:Chrismation.jpg|right|thumb|Me being chrismated by my priest on Holy Saturday, April 22, 2006.]]Hello to all.
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Christ is Risen!
My real name is Jessica Fox, and I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin at the moment. (One more year to go, thank God.) I was raised Roman Catholic, but I was just chrismated into the Church (Antiochian, to be specific) this Holy Saturday, with the name Gabriela.
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After my last year of college, God willing, I plan to go to graduate school in New York City, probably one of the City Colleges unless NYU happens to give me a good deal, and get my M.A. in Spanish. I'm going to NYC, though, because my boyfriend Michael has wanted to be a priest since he was a kid, and St. Vladimir's beckons to him. We plan to marry before he's ordained a deacon his second year.
I love to edit. Commas are my specialty. Heck, I even have a job as a writing tutor at UT, I like it so much. So please let me know if you're in need of a good proofreader/English-checker. I'm not sure if this is going to happen, but I'd love most of all to edit for an Orthodox publishing company or maybe translate Orthodox materials in Spanish. My back-up plan is to be a Spanish professor at a relatively small university.
May the Lord be with all of you.
==My Articles==
(Please read and feel free to improve!)
* [[Archangel Gabriel]]
* [[David]]
* [[Cherubic Hymn]]
:Lifted from wikipedia and adapted:
* [[Archangel Michael]]
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* [[Edict of Milan]]
* [[Righteous Sarah]]
* [[Holy Fire]]
* [[Praxis (lifestyle)]]
* [[New Testament]]
:Not every word is mine, but I revised thoroughly or wrote the bulk thereof:
* [[Pachomius the Great]]
* [[Mary of Egypt]]
* [[Sign of the Cross]]
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