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[[Image:Danceofisaiah.jpg|frame|right|A picture of Mike, me, and our sponsors and priest performing the Dance of Isaiah at our wedding.]] My real-life name is Jessica Fulton, née Fox. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I was chrismated into the Church on Holy Saturday of 2006 with the name Gabriela.
I married my husband [[User:Mike|Michael]] this [[June 2]], 2007. We now have a nice apartment in downtown Houston and attend St. Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church. I work for an online travel agency, where I spend most of my day translating text about "scenic, quaint, and picturesque" places into Spanish or answering e-mails from some interesting people who write into our website. But hey, it can be pretty amusing (cruise to the Grand Canyon, anyone?) and puts food on the table!
Please feel free to read and change my contributions, because I'm sure I frequently make mistakes: [[Special:Contributions/Gabriela|Gabriela's edits]].
God bless.
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