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Father Lev
[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page Visit Wookieepedia]
Email: ''perelev AT yahoo com''
Pages created:
*[[Divine Liturgy according to St Germanus of Paris]]
*[[H. Tristram Engelhardt]]
*[[Alexander Golitzin]]
*[[Jean-Nectaire (Kovalevsky) of Saint-Denis]]
*[[John Breck]]
*[[Liturgy of St Tikhon of Moscow]]
*[[Vladimir Lossky]]
*[[Alexis van der Mensbrugghe]]
*[[Christos Yannaras]]
*[[St. Denys Theological Institute (Paris, France)]]
Pages to which I've contributed:
*[[Augustine of Hippo]]
*[[Divine Liturgy]]
*[[Gallican Rite]]
*[[David Bentley Hart]]
*[[Gennadius Scholarius]]
*[[Great Lent]]
*[[John of Kronstadt]]
*[[Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia]]
*[[Little Entrance]]
*[[Liturgical books]]
*[[John Maximovitch]]
*[[Orthodox Church of France]]
*[[Paisius Velichkovsky]]
*[[Stowe Missal]]
*[[Symeon the New Theologian]]
*[[Thomas Aquinas]]
*[[Western Rite]]
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