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==Ryokan #1031==
==Ryokan #1031==
'''If these sleeves<br>
'''If these sleeves<br>
of my black robe<br>
'''of my black robe<br>
were only wider<br>
'''were only wider<br>
I’d shelter all the people<br>
'''I’d shelter all the people<br>
in this up-and-down world'''
'''in this up-and-down world'''
''Sumizome no<br>
''Sumizome no<br>

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This is a picture of me from a few years ago. My beard is a little fuller now.

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Ryokan #1031

If these sleeves
of my black robe
were only wider
I’d shelter all the people
in this up-and-down world

Sumizome no
waga koromode no
yuta naraba
ukiyo no tami wo
owamashi mono wo

From Ryokan: Zen Monk Poet of Japan, trans. Burton Watson, p. 50

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