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Fedya (Derek J. Power)

About Derek (Fedya)

I am Derek John Power, currently in the process of completing my undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. The main project that I am presently working and refining on is a thesis analyzing Arvo Pärt's rendition of the "Canon of Repentance to our Lord Jesus Christ" entitled Kanon Pokajanen. In addition to using music analysis, I also use Orthodox spirituality and theology to conclude that the music that Pärt composed does reflect repentance as the Orthodox Church understands it. I will graduate - God willing - on 15 May 2005.

I was received into the Orthodox Church - specifically at Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Newport News, VA - on 9 November 2002 (hence the numbers in my username). My chrism name is Theodoros after St. Theodore the Studite and within the Church, I much prefer to be called Fedya (the Russian diminutive). I attend services primarily at Ss. Constantine and Helen, Newport News whilst in school and the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA whilst at home.

Aside from theology, I am very interested in music and film. My favorite academic subjects also include history and philosophy and I have also shown interest in economics, international affairs, literature, neurology, physics, poetry, politics and psychology.

External Links

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