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Edward Michael Freeman, born September 1955 in Dallas, Texas. Frequent sojourner in contemplative monasteries, occasional poet, singer, nurse practitioner, and fool for Christ. Usually self-identified with renegades and "sparse-"identity politics, often I do not know what I want in advance of entering a situation. But I find a way to improvise with others who show up at the same time. Even though I have many degrees to my name and a gaggle of titles, these sweet monuments are made of "...unswept stone besmear'd with sluttish time" (Sonnet 55, Shakespeare). Nothing can compare with "the rhyme" of the Holy Trinity in the liturgy (allusion Son. 55); no career can substitute, and no gratification can deter this devotion. Raised Lutheran and Roman Catholic, and educated in a seminary, I am on a road toward my spiritual home in Orthodoxy. This desire to enter Orthodoxy is paradoxical, because I often do not know what I want in advance, as I said above. Nevertheless, into every life a little paradox must fall. Call me "Ed," please; and visit (a site about) my patron and friend, St Edward the Martyr (Old English spelling "Eadweard"), at