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I was born into a Methodist family in 1937, baptized as an infant and confirmed as a teenager. When I was approximately twenty-two I remember praying in my bunk one evening (I was in the Navy at the time) that I would be led into a close relationship to God as I matured. I still look back to that time as the beginning of my adult spiritual journey. This journey has led me thru the Fundalmentalist movement for about ten years(as a Baptist), through the main line Protestant Church (as a Presbyterian), through the Charasmatic movement (in several independant church settings), led me to convert to the Roman Catholic Church, through several and finally led my wife and I to the Orthodox Catholic church. I am now 75 years old, am very grateful for each step of the way and now in retrospect laugh with joy about the wonderful journey God my Father has led me through. I am still on the journey and have appreciate every step of the way . . . but I think that at this time my last step will be into my Fathers arm when he takes me into the next life. Any one who reads this bio is welcome to correspond with me and discuss any topic they wish. DTM Oct 2012