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Might as well get this started.

I'm YAAC (yet another American convert) but have gotten over most of the worst of our traits. I was raised Roman Catholic (in a Franciscan parish) but became a frothing-mad agnostic by college. After our Lord kindly permitted a few kicks to my backside, I managed to remove my CRI (that's "cranial-rectal inversion) condition and at least began to admit to the Divine.

As a lark, I did some HTML transcription for the then-nascent St. Pachomius Library. Out of curiousity, I started going through its links and began to see answers to problems I previously had with both Roman Catholicism and the Protestant directions my parents went in when I was in high school.

So, I began to be catechized in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (St. Catherine's Ithaca, NY) and was embraced by the Church. I have three sons named for Saints Breandan the Navigator, Brioch of Brittany, and John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

Currently, I've moved away from Ithaca and keep meaning to be more faithful in attendance to a local parish in Indianapolis--although at least some of the priests have met me here, so I can't claim I don't get reminded.

Pride, Despair, and Acedia are my greatest weaknesses.

"The church is near, but it is snowing. The tavern is far, but I will walk carefully."