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College and grad school '70 - 84 Music and counseling (did not finish grad school, but in Fairmont, MN--very much a farm boy (1952-1963). have 18 grad credits. Married 1974 eventually 5 children: 4 beautiful, intelligent, multi talented (Arts, music, selling their art, teachers now—teaching in other countries (Rome, Italy), and one handsome son—who is the best bartender in Des Moines! Worked on a farm with my new bride in a 1000 hogs operation and row crop grain Born operations— Truman, MN) Taught Music full time in Minnesota 75-78—300 Students singing (in parts) with a 7th grade soloist, “Because He Lives” by Bill Gather, to a very appreciative audience in a packed gymnasium (Public School). Wife filed for divorce in 2003 after 30 years of marriage-I was a zombie for two years after that! Remarried 2004—2 years only-my wife did not like being married-(rebound) marriage!! (I was stupid back then!) Vocational School 84-86 Data processing (as Student taught programming one semester. Worked for IBM 88-89, Rochester, MN at the International Technical Support Center, Rochester, MN Des Moines: Worked with the EPA in Iowa 89-91on asbestos removal in the Public Schools –became a removal site foreman—with the authority to shut down an entire operation, if necessary and did inspections ongoing. 91-95 Programmer on IBM Systems and Systems Administrator (The Printer, Inc.) (in Des Moines). (very successful printing company). 95-97 Network admin--Insurance company (Iowa Farm Bureau) 95-97 West Des Moines. Converted Novel data to Windows Server platforms. Supported everything! 97-2000 Network Admin (ITAGroup) for company in West Des Moines—serviced the local location and got to do much flying to regional offices in the US—maintenance of regional office systems, Irving, TX, Hoffman Estates, IL, Indianapolis. Built WAN connections using only the Internet (first time this was done) rather than using conventional leased telephone lines—saved thousands of dollars for this company. Also maintained hardware and corporate Wide Area Network. Upon my departure (new job), my whole department lined up into two lines with me going in between the lines as I made my way to the parking to teach for a community college. 2001 - 2006 Des Moines Area Community; College-Professor full time-information tech.. Department Head, had HS classes of 40 students—most successful program the college had to that date. 2006- 2009 Kaplan University, Urbandale, IA; College-Professor full time hours-information tech. Was able literally double the number of IT students that attended Kaplan U. Employed presently-doing property management in Norwalk now. Looking for full time work... Upgrading Information Technology Skills-looking for full time IT job in Iowa, but open to move to anywhere USA. Currently working for Central Iowa Property Management as a property manager in Norwalk, IA (part time).