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*'''Nationality:''' [[Macedonian]]
*'''Nationality:''' [[Macedonian]]
*'''I am born in:''' [[1984]] in [[Skopje]], the [[Republic of Macedonia]]
*'''I am born in:''' 1984 in [[Skopje]], the [[Republic of Macedonia]]
*'''I live in:''' [[Auckland]], [[New Zealand]]
*'''I live in:''' [[Auckland]], [[New Zealand]]

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Welcome to my profile page!


  • Name: Bojan Jankuloski (spells: Boyan Yankulosky)
  • E-mail: bjankuloski(at)mail(dot)net(dot)mk

  • I concentrate more on the quality, rather than the quantity of my articles. That doesn't mean that I have no unfinished articles, of course :-)


For outstanding contributions to the Macedonian Wikipedia