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*[[Iconostasis|Icon screen]]
*[[Iconostasis|Icon screen]]
*[[Roman Catholic Church]] — intro paragraphs
*[[Roman Catholic Church]] — intro paragraphs
*[[January 24]]

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Self-portrait of User:basil
Kevin Basil Fritts, editor since the Sunday after Theophany and Priest-martyr Philip, metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia (9 January) 2005. Sysop since the feast of St. Xenia of Rome (24 January) 2005.

Background & External Links

My blog is Decimation & Reconstruction, an ecclectic mishmash of opinions on nearly everything.

I am a layman in the Orthodox Church in America. My membership is with St. Athanasius mission in Nicholasville, KY. I am also a Sailor, a Petty Officer Third Class in the U. S. Navy, currently assigned to Naval Submarine School in Groton, CT. I attend services at St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker parish in Norwich, CT.

I graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. After service in the Navy, I plan to continue my schooling, perhaps with seminary, should the Lord smile on such plans.

Resources for OrthodoxWiki Editors


Articles which I've created or imported, or to which I feel I've contributed significant content: