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* ''Favourite quotes:''
* ''Favourite quotes:''
:'''''"He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."''''' (The [[Bible]] - 1 John 4:8)
:'''''"Christians therefore ought to strive continually, and never to pass judgment on anyone - no, not upon the harlot on the street, or upon open sinners and disorderly persons - but to regard all men with singleness of intention and purity of eye, so that it may become like a fixed law of nature to despise no one, to judge no one, to abhor no one, to make no distinctions between them. If you see a man with one eye, be not divided in your heart, but look upon him as if he were whole. If a man is maimed of one hand, see him as not maimed, the lame as straight, the palsied as whole. This is purity of heart, when you see sinners or sick people, to have compassion on them and be tender-hearted towards them. It happens sometimes that the saints of the Lord sit in theatres and behold the deceit of the world. According to the inner man they are conversing with God, while according to the outer man they appear to men as contemplating what goes on in the world."''''' (St. [[Macarius the Great]])
:'''''"Therefore, each one of us should strive and make every effort to pursue diligently all virtues. We ought to believe and seek from the Lord that the inner man receive even now this glory and that we may participate in the holiness of the Spirit so that, purged from all sordid traces of evil, we may receive also in the resurrection what will clothe our bodies as they rise naked, what will cover over any deformity, will vivify and transform them in the heavenly kingdom forever."''''' (St. [[Macarius the Great]])
:'''''"Glory be to God for all things"''''' (last words of St. [[John Chrysostom]])

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  • Personal photo: [1]
  • Brief professional profile: [2]
  • Religion: Coptic Orthodox Christian - I am a very strong supporter of correct ecumenism ("that they may all be one" John 17:21), but I am against non-denominationalism
  • Country: UK
  • Natural languages: Arabic, English, French
  • Origin of the nickname arbible: ar = Arabic, bible = The Holy Bible; arbible was the executable name of the first electronic version of the Arabic Bible I programmed more than ten years ago (also was the first of its kind ever produced to run under Microsoft® Windows GUI). More recent versions of this program can be downloaded at http://www.zeitun-eg.org/chbible.html (all are freeware and based on the public domain Smith & Van Dyke Arabic translation of 1865 AD)
  • OrthodoxWiki contributions: > 60 new entries as at mid-January 2006, plus different edits to many other articles
  • Favourite quotes:


God Bless.