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I'm '''Andrew''', you can call me Andy.  I am just a non-tonsured contributor.  It is indicated that this is my page, so I will put something on it.
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|<small>If you got here by mistake,
and were expecting a different
Andrew, [[Special:Search&ns0=1&ns1=1&ns2=1&ns3=1&ns15=1&redirs=1&searchx=1&search=Andrew&limit=500&offset=0|click here]]</small>
* I've been a life long (about 50 years) Orthodox Christian in the OCA (Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church). I'm married with three children, and the president of the church council for a small southern New Jersey parish.
* [[Special:Contributions/Andrew|My contributions to this site (click)]].  I was not really familiar with "Wiki" type sites when I found this site, so I was skeptical that such a concept could work.  This site appears to be carefully watched and kept clean. (Although perusing the revision history of some pages should be avoided.)  Finding this site was like finding an unfinished crossword puzzle.
* I am not a theologian by trade, I have my degrees in ''Computer Science'', and ''Information and Systems Science''.  I mostly worked on mainframe computers for communication applications such as store-and-forward message switching. Currently, I work with the FAA on remote maintenance and monitoring systems.
If I brake anything here, it is really accidental, I do not try to break things, I am just a button pusher. I bush buttons (or click links) just to see what will occur. It is just a bad habit I have.
Feel free to let me know if I post anything wrong, or fail to conform to the local etiquette,    I don't mind being corrected.
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