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Aleksandr Andreev

About Aleks

I'm Aleksandr Andreev, a traditionalist Orthodox Christian, and a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), though I sometimes frequent parishes of the Church of Serbia.

I'm a student of Mathematics and Economics at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and I have wide-ranging interestst in many other fields, including Orthodox Theology, Liturgics, the Old Calendar, any kind of high-quality chant, epistemology, modern physics, Russian history, and much more.

I was born in Riga, Latvia in 1985 and emmigrated to the United States in 1995, where I lived outside Denver, Colorado. Currently, I live in a dorm at Duke, where I'm involved in a wide variety of activities, including the local Orthodox Christian Fellowship.

My nameday is on the repose of St Alexander Nevsky, 23 November [O.S] (6 December).

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