Timothy II of Constantinople

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His All-Holiness Timothy II of Constantinople, also Timotheus II, was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1612 to 1620. He worked for the limitation of the activities of the Jesuits.


Timothy apparently was born in the latter half of the sixteenth century. Other than that, little is known of his life until he appeared in the position of the Metropolitan of Patras, ruling from 1601 to 1612. After Cyril Lucaris became locum tenens to the throne of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1612, Timothy, with three other hierarchs, promised the Ottoman authorities an increased yearly tax (haraç) of 8,000 kuruş to place one of them on the patriarchal throne. This forced Cyril to resign as locum tenens and resulted in the elevation of Timothy to Patriarch of Constantinople.

The patriarchate having received, in 1600, the small, modest Church of St. George in the Phanar district of Constantinople for use as the patriarchal cathedral, Patr. Timothy was able, on a second attempt in 1614, to get permission to conduct renovations to the building. He was able to enlarge and improved the structure of the church. However, the church was destroyed in the early eighteenth century by a fire that destroyed much of the Phanar area and was completely rebuilt by Patriarch Jeremias III.

On April 24, 1619, Patr. Timothy II consecrated Ignatius III Atiyah Patriarch of Antioch who was to dispute with Cyril Dabbas to be the sole patriarch of Antioch during the period that led to the split between those in the Antiochian patriarchate who favored union with Rome.

Timothy died in March 1621, a death that may have been from natural causes, but has also been attributed to poisoning resulting from his opposition to Cyril Lucaris.

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Timothy II of Constantinople
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