Timeline of Orthodoxy in Russia

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Russia under the Patriarch of Constantinople

Period of the Kievan Metropolia (988-1304)

  • 864 Patriarch Photius sends bishop to Kiev
  • 878 Oleg
  • 954 Princess Ol'ha (Olga) of Kiev baptized.
  • Baptism of Kievan Rus
  • 991 + St. Michael of Kiev
  • 1007 + Leontii of Kiev
  • 1035 + Ivan I of Kiev
  • 1049 + Feopemt of Kiev
  • 1050 + Kirill I of Kiev
  • 1051 Ilarion of Kiev installed to the primatial see; St. Anthony of the Caves brings Athonite monasticism to Russia.

Moscow and Vladimir (1304-1448)

Mongol Tartars (1237-1448)

since 1448

The Synodical Church (1700-1917)

All-Russian Church Council (1917-Present)

Further rerading

  • St. Cornelius of the Pskov Caves martyrdom is recorded in the old manuscripts of the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra
  • Source: "A LIFELONG PASSION, NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA THEIR OWN STORY"., Andrei Maylunas and Sergi Mironenko., Doubleday, New York., February 1997., pp. 638-639).
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