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The name 'Thomas' from Gk. Thomas, of Aramaic origin and said to mean "a twin" (John's gospel refers to Thomas as ho legomenos didymos "called the twin;" cf. Syriac toma "twin," Arabic tau'am "twin"). Before the Conquest, found only as the name of a priest. After 1066, one of the most common given names. Doubting Thomas is from John xx:25.

List of saints with this name:

Also celebrated the first Sunday during Pentecost.
  • St. Thomas the Child-martyr (November 1)
  • St. Thomas II, Patriarch of Constantinople (November 14)
  • St Thomas the deacon Martyr (November 28)
  • St. Thomas the “defourkinos” (December 10), Gr. ο Δεφουρκινός

List of female saints with this name: