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[[Image:Tikhvin Theotokos.jpg|right|frame|The Theotokos of Tikhvin]]
The '''Theotokos of Tikhvin''' ('''''Tikhvinskaya''''') is one of the most celebrated and beautiful wonderworking [[icon]]s of the Mother of God (''[[Theotokos]]'').  Traditionally, it is said to be one of the icons written by St. [[Apostle Luke|Luke the Evangelist]].  The appearance of the icon is celebrated on [[June 26]].
The icon has a long history.  During the Soviet oppression of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]], the icon was brought to the United States for safekeeping.  In 2004, it was transferred back to Russia to return to its home village of Tikhvin.
[[Troparion]] (Tone 4)
:Today, like the eternal sun,
:Your Icon appears in the sky, O Theotokos.
:With rays of mercy it enlightens the world.
:This land accepts the heavenly gift from above,
:Honoring You as the Mother of God.
:We praise Christ our Lord who was born of You.
:Pray to Him, O Queen and sovereign virgin
:That all Christian cities and lands be guarded in safety,
:And that He save those who kneel to His divine, and Your holy image, O unwedded bride.
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 8)
:O people, let us come to the Virgin Queen and Mother, giving thanks to Christ God.
:Let us fall before her miraculous image, and let us cry:
:O sovereign Mary, your glorious image now inhabits this land.
:Save all the Christians of this world, showing us the heavenly life.
:To You we faithfully cry: Rejoice, O Virgin, the salvation of the world!
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