Theoklitos (Passalis) of Florina

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His Eminence Theoklitos (Passalis) of Florina, Prespai and Eordaia is the Metropolitan of the New Lands Metropolis of Florina, Prespai, and Eordaia under the administration of the Church of Greece and under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. [1].

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Metropolitan Theoklitos was born Thomas Passalis in 1932 in Kyparisio Grevena, in northern Greece. His education included studying theology at Aristotle University of Thessalonica. In 1967, he was tonsured a monk at Holy Dormition Monastery and ordained a deacon. In 1968, he was ordained a priest. On January 23, 2000, Fr. Theoklitos was consecrated a bishop and enthroned as metropolitan of the Metropolis of Florina, Prespai and Eordaia.

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Theoklitos (Passalis) of Florina
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