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Theodotus of Antioch

Theodotus of Antioch was the patriarch of the Church of Antioch from 420 to 429. His patriarchate came after the schism over the leadership of the see of Antioch after the Second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople.


Little is known of the early life of Theodotus. He succeeded Patr. Alexander, a member of the Meletians, who had healed the schism with the Eustathians. He was noted by his contemporaries for his temperance and knowledge of the divine dogmas. He brought back the Apollinarians to Orthodoxy without insisting rigidly on their formal renouncement of their errors. In 424, Theodotus stood firm against the heretical views of a monk Alexander concerning the order of monks called Acoemetae that he had presented with fervid eloquence to crowds in Antioch.

Theodotus took part in the enthronement of Sisinnius as patriarch of Constantinople in February 426 and joined in the synodical letter addressed by an assembly of bishops to the bishops of Pamphylia against the Massalian heresy.

Patr. Theodotus reposed in 429.

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Theodotus of Antioch
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Patriarch of Antioch
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John I
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