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  • 1897: Born to family of a priest.
  • pre-1917: Educated in religious schools.
  • post-1917: Wanted to be priest, bishop refused on grounds that the Lord would call at a more appropriate time.
  • c. 1945: Ordained to diaconate and priesthood in Germany. Student of Protopriest Adrian Rymarenko.
  • 1951: Moved to Perth, Western Australia.
  • 1969: Consecrated bishop, assigned as vicar-bishop of Melbourne.
  • 1970 Nov 25: Appointed ruling bishop of Australia and New Zealand.
  • 1980 Aug 13: Repose of Bishop Theodosius. Bishop Paul of Stuttgart conducted the funeral.
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Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney
Preceded by:
Bishop of Melbourne (ROCOR)
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Sava (Rayevsky)
Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)
Succeeded by:
Paul (Pavlov)
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