Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia

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Fr. Attallah Hanna
His Eminence the Most Reverend Metropolitan Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia (b. 1965, usually represented in Western news sources as Attallah Hanna) is the bishop of Sebastia of the Church of Jerusalem and member of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre who has acted as the spokesman of the patriarchate. He has also been put forward by Arabic laymen as a potential candidate for the position of Patriarch of Jerusalem.

He was elected to the post of Bishop of Sebastia on December 1, 2005.


  • 1965 - Attallah Hanna was born in Al-Rameh (Galilee). Went to school in his birthplace; went on to study at Patriarchate Seminary in Jerusalem.
  • 1983 - Studied at University of Thessaloniki. Awarded Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
  • 1991 - Ordained priest at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Was made an archimandrite, spokesman and in charge of the Arab section of the Patriarchate.
  • Taught religious studies at Orthodox schools in Jerusalem and Ramleh.
  • Taught church history and Arab civilisation in Haifa for seven years.
  • Established the Orthodox youth movement. Serves as spiritual father.
  • Elected chairman of committee that publishes Arabic books on religious studies for use in Galilee and Palestine's schools.
  • Oversaw broadcasts about Orthodoxy on Voice of Palestine radio.
  • Active in the local and international ecumenical movement, including Muslim-Christian dialogues
  • Member of board of trustees of Bethlehem's Al-Liqa' centre, for cultural and religious studies in the Holy Land.
  • Represents Patriarchate in Muslim-Christian affairs section of Middle East Council of Churches.
  • Participated in Jerusalem committee, Morocco, representing churches in the Holy Land.
  • Represented World Council of Churches at United Nations Committee for Human Rights, discussing the suffering of the Palestinian people.
  • Participated in Islamic Summit in Doha, Qatar, speaking in the name of the Churches of the Holy Land.
  • Participated in Muslim-Christian meeting about Jerusalem in UAE.
  • Visited US many times to discuss difficulties of Palestinians under occupation; while there, he lectured at many universities and met with Christian groups and societies of human rights
  • Member of the Palestinian political committee in Jerusalem
  • Board of Trustees of Jerusalem Society.
  • 2005 Dec 1 - Elected Bishop of Sebastia
  • May 2007 - Suspended for a duration of two months by the Holy Synod of the Church of Jerusalem presided by Patriarch Theophilus III.[1],[2]