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Hieroconfessor Theodore Andreyevich (Rafanovich) of Khymy was born in Belorussia in the village of Khanichi in the Mogilev region. At an early age, he was sent to study at the Mogilev Seminary. At an early age, he was orphaned and his sister, Anna Andreyevna, continued to support his education. He was not a quick learner and she sought for council from Father John of Kronstadt. When he finished his seminary he married and was ordained to the priesthood and appointed to a parish in the village of Sherstin near Gomel. His wife's name was Sophia and they had five children - George, Nicholas, Andrew, Natalia and Zinaida.

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Father Theodore died in the village of Khymy on Palm Sunday, April 14, 1975 - the day of the Vilnius Martyrs.

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