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Theodore may refer to any of the following saints:

  • Theodore, Philippa, and Companions for Theodore of Perge, 3rd century martyr and saint
  • Theodore of Amasea, or of Tyre, "the Tyro", "the Recruit", 4th century military saint and martyr
  • Theodore Stratelates, or "of Heraclea", ("the General"); another reputed 4th century military saint and martyr
  • Theodore of Grammont, or St. Theodorus/St. Joder/St. Theodolus, 1st bishop of Octodurum, see Yoder
  • Theodore of Egypt, 5th century saint and disciple of Saint Pachomius
  • Theodore of Tarsus, archbishop of Canterbury
  • Theodore of Pavia (d.778), Bishop of Pavia
  • Theodorus and Theophanes
  • Theodore the Studite, 8th-9th century monk, opponent of iconoclasm, and hymnographer
  • Theodore of Smolensk, Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslavl', 13th century
  • Théodore Guérin, French nun and saint who died in Indiana (1798–1856)
  • Theodore Kvelteli, Theodore Priest († 1609), Georgian hero.
  • Theodore of Komogovo

It may also refer to the Mother of God of St. Theodore (August 16), an icon named after Theodore Stratelates.