The Holy Family in Egypt

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"Take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word" (Matthew 2:13 - KJV)

According to the Scripture, Jesus Christ lived in Palestine, and the only other country he travelled to (as a young child) was Egypt. The Holy Family, throughout their stay in Egypt, which lasted for about three-and-half years, moved through many towns in Upper and Lower Egypt.

Many churches were built in the locations which have been blessed by the visit of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin Mary, and St. Joseph the carpenter. Many miracles took place in these locations during the Holy Family visit 2000 years ago (and continue to occur to this day). Among these places is Zeitun (in Cairo), where the Holy Virgin Mary appeared in 1968, and Assiut (in Upper Egypt), where She again appeared in 2000 [1]. These churches are considered the oldest and among the holiest of all churches in Christendom.

The following Web sites and resources will help the interested reader explore the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt: