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[[Image:Teodor-of-Vrsac.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Teodor of Vršac]]Our father among the [[saint]]s the [[martyr]] '''Teodor or Theodore (Nestorović) of Vršac''' (Свети свештеномученик Теодор (Несторовић) Вршачки) was the Serbian Orthodox [[bishop]] of Vršac in the sixteenth century. His feast day is [[May 16]]/[[May 29|29]].
During the Austro-Turkish War (1593-1606), many Serbians suffered under the Turkish [[Islam]]ic warriors. The Serbs in Banat decided to protect their families from these Turkish troops and asked their bishop, Teodor, to lead them. He joined the rebellion against the Turks in 1593. The Serbs liberated some towns but in the end were defeated. Bishop Teodor, along with a large group of people, left for Transylvania. The Turks then promised that they would stop killing innocent people if Teodor were to return. When he did, he was seized and then killed in a terrible fashion: his skin was ripped off.
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