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St. Peter the Aleut

Holy Protomartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles Thekla; Saint Coprius of Palestine; Venerable Nicander, hermit of Pskov; Saint Abramius, Abbot of Mirozh (Pskov); Saints Stephen (in monasticism Simon), David, and Vladislav of Serbia; Saint Dorothy of Kashin; Saint Mawgan, Abbot of Cornwall; New-Martyr Ahmed; Venerable Silouan of Mount Athos; martyrdom of Saint Galacteon, monk of Vologda; repose of Schema-archimandrite Gabriel of Pskov-Eleazar Monastery; synaxis of all saints of Alaska (see also December 12): Hieromartyr Juvenal the Protomartyr of America, Peter the Aleut, and New-Martyrs Anatole of Irkutsk and Seraphim of Uglich