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  • 1919 Death of Saints of Tartu: Platon (Kulbush) bishop of Tallinn, Michael (Bleive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) January 1; Tikhon, archbishop of Voronezh and with him 160 martyred priests, December 27; Andrew (Zimin), Archpriest, his wife Lydia, his mother-in-law Domnica, his two daughters and his servant Maria, of Ussurisk January 6; Nicholas, Theodore and Vladimir priests, Hieromartyrs, January 11; John priest, Hieromartyr, January 16; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 18; Basil and Gabriel the priests, February 13.




  • 1938 Death of Silouan the Athonite; Hieromartyrs Demetrius and Theodore priests December 22; Hieromartyr Nicetas bishop of Belevsk, December 21; Hieromartyrs Basil priest, Macarius and John, December 23; Venerable Isaac of Optina, Hieromartyrs Gregory priest and martyrs Augusta and Mary, Agrippina, December 26; Hieromartyr Aretha priest, December 28; Hieromartyr Theodosius priest, January 11; Peter, Martyr, December 31; Alexander, archbishop of Samara and with him John, Alexander, John, Alexander, Trophime, Viacheslav, Basil and James priests, New Hieromartyrs, January 1; Matthew, Martyr January 5; Paphnutius, Martyr, January 7; Demetrius, Vladimir priests hieromartyrs, Michael Martyr January 8; Anatolius, Metropolitan of Odessa, New Hieromartyr, January 10; Paul the priest, hieromartyr, January 17, Vladimir, Nicholas, Sergius Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, January 18; Elias the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 21; John, Nicholas, Jacob, Peter, John, John, John and Euthymius priest, new hieromartyrs, January 22; Seraphim the new mieromartyr, martyrs Evdokia, Ecaterine and Militsa, January 23; Stephen priest, martyr Boris, January 25; Ignatius bishop of Skopinsk, Arcadius, Vladimir and Bartholomeus the hieromartyrs, and John and Olga the Martyrs, January 28; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 1; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, and Michael the Martyr, February 2; John, Timothy priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Vladimir, Martyr, February 3; Eustaphius, John, Alexander, Sergius, John, Theodora, Aleksander, Nicholas, Alexis, Nicholas, Alexis, Alexander, Arcadius, Boris, Michael, Nicholas, Alexis, Andrew, Demetrius, John, Peter priests, the New Hieromartyrs, Martyrs Seraphim, Rafaila, Anna, Catherine, John, Basil, Demetrius, Theodore, and Demetrius, February 4; Matushka Agatha of Bielorussia, New Martyrs, February 5; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 6; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 7; Simeon, Andrew, Sergius and Peter, priests and the New Hieromartyrs, February 8; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 9; Anatole (Greesiuk), metropolitan of Odessa, the New Martyr, February 10; Zosimas, Nicholas, Basil, John, Leontius, Vladimir, Parthenius, John, John, Michael priests hieromartyrs, and Martyrs Paul, Anna, Vera and Irina, February 13; Tryphon the deacon, New Hieromartyr, February 14; Nicholas, Alexis, Alexis the priests and Simeon the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, Paul and Sophia the martyrs, February 15; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 16; Michael and Paul the priests and New Hieromartyrs, February 17; Benjamin the hieromonk, Hieromartyr, February 18; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 20; Constantine priest, Paul deacon the Hieromartyrs and Olga the Martyr, February 21; Michael, John, Victor, John, Sergius, Andrew priests, Sergius and Antipa the New Hieromartyrs, Parasceva, Stephen, Elizabeth, Irina and Barbara the martyrs, February 22; Alexis, Nicholas priests and New Hieromartyrs, and Sergius Martyr, February 23; Alexander, the priest, Mstislava, the martyrs, February 25; John, bishop of Rylsk and John the priest, New Hieromartyrs, February 26; Peter the priest and Hieromartyr, Martyr Michael, February 27;


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