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The Holy Trinity

Saint Pelagia the Penitent; Virgin-Martyr Pelagia of Antioch; Saint Thais (Taisia) of Egypt; Saint Dositheus, Abbot of Verkneostrov (Pskov); Saint Tryphon, Abbot of Vyatka; Martyr Ignatius of Bulgaria; New-Martyr Ignatius the monk of Prodromou Skete on Mount Athos; Venerable Philotheus, Patriarch of Constantinople; Hieromartyr Artemon; Saint Keyne, Hermitess of Cornwall; Saint Iwi, Hierodeacon of Lindisfarne; Saint Triduana, Nun of Restalrig, Scotland; Saint Triduana, Hermitess of Restalrig, Scotland; translation of the relics of Saint Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne and Enlightener of Northumbria; translation of the relics of Saint Ceolfrith, Abbot of Wearmouth and Jarrow