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Ss. Cosmas and Damian
St. David of Euboea

Holy and Wonder-Working Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian of Mesopotamia and their mother Theodota; Venerable-martyr James of Mount Athos and his disciples James the deacon and Dionysios the monk of Prodromou Skete on Athos; Saint Mathurin of Larchant; Martyr Hemeningild, Prince of the Goths of Spain; Martyrs Cyrenia and Juliana in Cilicia; Martyrs Caesarius, Dacius, Sabbas, Sabinian, Agrippa, Adrian, and Thomas at Damascus; Hieromartyrs John the bishop and James the presbyter of Persia; Martyrs Cyprian and Juliana; Saint David of Euboea; Blessed Cosmas of Verkhoturye; Saint Cadfan, Abbot of Bardsey Island; Saint Ethelnoth, Archbishop of Canterbury; Saint Gwythian, Hermit of Cornwall; Saint Vigor, Bishop of Bayeux; New Virgin-Martyr Helen of Sinope; translation of the relics of St. Boniface of Mainz (see June 5). Other events: repose of Elder Hilarion of Valaam and Sarov