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Saint Lydia of Thyatira
Saint Daumantas of Pskov

Saint Lydia of Thyatira (Lydia of Philippi), Equal-to-the-Apostles (mentioned in Acts 16:14-15), (1st c.); Martyrs Thalelaeus the Unmercenary (Thallelaios), at Anazarbus in Cilicia, and his companions martyrs Alexander and Asterius (284); Martyr Asclas of the Thebaid, Egypt (287); Sts. Zabulon and Susanna, of Cappadocia and Jerusalem (parents of St. Nina (Nino), enlightener of Georgia), (4th c.); Saint Mark the Hermit (Marcus Eremita) (5th c.); Saint Dodo, disciple of Saint David of Georgia (David Gareja monastery complex) (609) (see also May 17); Holy Martyrs of Mamilla, Jerusalem (614); Saint Thalassius the Myrrh-gusher, of Libya (648); Saints John, Joseph and Nicetas, monks of Nea Moni on Chios (ca.1050); Saint Plautilla the Roman, martyr, (67); Hieromartyr Baudelius, missionary in France and northern Spain, martyred in Nîmes (2nd or 3rd c.); Virgin-martyr Basilla (304); Saint Hilary (Hilarius, Hilaire), Bishop of Toulouse in France (360); Saint Anastasius, Bishop of Brescia in Lombardy, in Italy (610); Saint Austregisilus (Aoustrille, Outrille), Bishop of Bourges and Confessor (624); Saint Theodore of Pavia, Bishop of Pavia (778); Saint Ethelbert (Albert, Albright), King of East Anglia in England, martyr (794) (see also May 29); Saint Daumantas of Pskov (Timothy, Dovmont-Timothy), prince of Pskov (1299)]; Saint Stephen, Abbot of Piperi in Serbia (1697); New Martyrs of Moscow (1922): Hieromartyr Macarius - priest-monk, Hieromartyrs Alexander (Zaozersky) and Basil (Sokolov) - Protopresbyters, Hieromartyr Christopher (Nadezhdin) - priest, Martyr Sergius (Tikhomirov); Venerable New Martyr Olympiada (Verbetska), Igumenia of Kozelschansk women's monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God (1938); Other Commemorations: Translation of the holy relics (1087) of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (343); Uncovering of the relics (1431) of Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow, Wonderworker of All Russia (1378); Repose of Schema-monk Cyriacus of Valaam (1798).