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The Holy Trinity

Martyr Thallelaios at Aegae in Cilicia, and his companions, Martyrs Alexander and Asterius; Martyr Asclas of Egypt; Saint Thalassius the Myrrh-giver of Libya; Saints Nicetas, John, and Joseph, monks of Chios; Saint Dovmont-Timothy, prince of Pskov; Saint Mark the hermit; Saint Stephen, Abbot of "Piper" in Serbia; Saint Dodo, disciple of Saint David of Georgia; repose of Schemamonk Cyriacus of Valaam; Saint Lydia of Philippisia; Martyr Ethelbert, King of East Anglia; opening of the relics of Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow and Wonder-worker of All Russia; translation of the relics of Saint Nicholas the Wonder-worker, of Myra in Lycia