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Apostle Simon the Zealot

Apostle Simon the Zealot; Saint Isidora the Fool of Tabenna in Egypt; Blessed Thais (Taisia) of Egypt; Martyr Hesychius of Antioch; Martyrs Philadelphus, Cyprian, Alphius, Onesimus, Erasmus, and 14 others in Sicily; Saint Laurence, monk of Egypt; Blessed Simon of Yurievits, Fool-for-Christ; Venerable Dionysius of Radonezh; Saint Simeon the Bishop of Vladimir and Suzdal of the Kiev Near Caves; Saint Conleth, maker of sacred vessels at Kildare; Saint Hesychios the Confessor; translation of the relics of Blessed Martyr Basil of Mangazea in Siberia; repose of Blessed Synesius of Irkutsk, friend of Saint Sophronius, and Eldress Thais (Taisia) of Voronezh