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The Annunciation to the Theotokos

Forefeast of the Annunciation; Saint Zachariah the Recluse; Saint Artemon (Menignus), Bishop of Seleucia; Saint James the Confessor, Bishop of Catania; New-Hieromartyr Parthenius, Patriarch of Constantinople; Martyrs Stephen and Peter of Kazan; Saint Artemios, Bishop of Thessaloniki; Venerable Zachariah the Ascetic of the Kiev Caves; Eight Martyrs of Caesarea in Palestine; Saint Martin of Thebes, monk; "The Clouded Mount" Icon of the Theotokos; Saint Dunchad, Abbot of Iona; Saint Hildelith, Abbess of Barking; Hieromartyr Artemon, Presbyter of Laodicea; Saint Macartan, Bishop of Clogher