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Righteous Aaron the High Priest

Saint Theophanes the Confessor of Sigriane; Righteous Aaron the High Priest, brother of Moses the God-seer; Righteous Phineas, grandson of Aaron; Saint Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome; Saint Symeon the New Theologian; Holy Abba Cyrus; repose of Schemamonk Anthony the Gorge-dweller of Zelenchug Monastery in Kuban; Righteous King Demetrius Tavdadebuli of Georgia; celebration of the Icon "Not Made by Hands" from Lydda; Alphege the Bald, Bishop of Winchester; Muran, Abbot of Fathinis; Paulinus Arelian (Pawl Hen), Prince of Wales, Disciple of Saint Illtud, Bishop of Saint Pol-de-Lèon in Brittany