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St. Eudokia of Heliopolis
Saint David of Wales

Martyr Eudokia of Heliopolis (107); Martyrs Nestorianus (Nestor), Tribimius, Marcellus, and Anthony, of Perge in Pamphylia, by the sword (249-251); Martyr Antonina of Nicaea in Bithynia , Abbess (ca.286-305); Virgin-martyr Domnina of Syria (ca.460); Martyrs Antonius, Marcellus, Silvester and Sophronius,in Palestine; Martyrs Agapius, Nicephorus and Charisius; Saint Silvester; Saint Synesius, ascetic of Lysos, Cyprus; 260 Martyrs of Rome (ca.269); Martyrs Hermes, Adrian and Companions, in Numidia in North Africa under Maximian Herculeus (ca. 290); Martyr Luperculus (3rd c.); Martyrs Leo, Donatus, Abundantius, Nicephorus, and nine others - a group of thirteen martyrs who laid down their lives for Christ in North Africa; Saint Felix III, Pope of Rome from 483-492 (492); Saint Herculanus of Perugia, Bishop of Perugia in Italy, beheaded by soldiers of Totila of the Ostrogoths (549); Saint Albinus of Angers (Aubin) (ca.550); Saint David of Wales, Bishop of Menevia, patron saint of Wales (ca.589); Saint Marnock (Marnanus, Marnan, Marnoc) Bishop of Annandale (ca.625); Saint Suitbert (Swithbert), "Apostle of the Frisians", monastic founder in the Netherlands (713); Saint Siviard, monk at Saint-Calais on the River Anisole in France, succeeded his father as abbot of the monastery (729); Saint Monan, Archdeacon of Saint Andrew's (874); Venerable Luke of Sicily (Leo Luke), Abbot and Wonderworker of the Monastery of Mount Mula in Calabria (ca.915); Martyrs Gervasius and Leo (Léon I, Leo of Rouen), brothers (St. Leo was the "Apostle of the Basques" and Bishop of Bayonne) (ca.900); Saint Rudesind, a Galician bishop and abbot (977); Venerable Agapius of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos (13th c.); Venerable Martyrius, Abbot of Zelenetsk in Pskov (1603); New Martyr Parascevas of Trebizond (1659); New Hieromartyr Methodius, of Russia (1920); New Martyr Antonina of Kizliar, Abbess (1924); New martyr Anastasia Andreyevna, Fool-for-Christ, in the North Caucasus; New Hieromartyr Olga (1937); New Hieromartyr Peter (Liubimov), Protopresbyter (1938); New Hieromartyrs Basil, John, Benjamin, Michael, priests (1938); New Hieromartyr Anthony (1938); Virgin-martyrs Anna, Daria, Eudokia, Alexandra (1938); New Martyr Basil (1938); Virgin-martyr Hope (Nadezhda) Abakumova (1938); New Hieromartyr Alexander (Ilyenkiv/Ilenkov) of Berdyansk (Simferopol-Crimea), Priest (1942); New Hieromartyr Basil, Priest (1943); Other Commemorations: Repose of Barsanuphius (Hrynevich), Archbishop of Tver (1958).