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St. Eudokia of Heliopolis

Martyr Eudokia of Heliopolis; Venerable Martyrius of Zelenetsk, monk; Martyrs Nestor and Tribimius of Pamphylia; New-Martyr Abbess Antonina of Nicea; Martyrs Marcellus and Anthony of Pamphylia; Virgin-martyr Domnina of Syria; Venerable Agapius of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos; Saint David of Wales, Bishop of Menevia, Confounder of Pelagians; Martyrs Sylvester and Sophronius, Nestorian, Cartios, Nicephoros, and Agapios; 1000 martyrs of Saboreia; Hieromartyr Methodius; Saint Anastasia Andretevna, Fool-for-Christ; Saint Marnoc, Bishop of Annandale; Saint Monan, Archdeacon of Saint Andrew's