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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Prophet Amos; Saint Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow; Martyrs Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia at Lucania; Martyr Doulas of Cilicia; Saint Jerome (Hieronymus) of Stridonium; Saint Doulas the Passion-bearer of Egypt; Great-martyr Lazarus (or Lazar), prince of Serbia; Saint Orsiesius of Tabenna, disciple of Saint Pachomius the Great; Blessed Augustine, Bishop of Hippo; Saints Gregory and Cassian, Abbots of Avnezhk (Vologda); Saint Michael, first Metropolitan of Kiev; Saint Symeon, Archbishop of Novgorod; Saint Ephraim the Bulgarian, Patriarch of Serbia; Martyr Leonis (Leonida) of Syria; Saint Abraham, Abbot of Auvergne (Gaul); Apostles Fortunatus, Achaicus, and Stephen; Martyr Grace; Saint Joseph, monk of Bethlehem; Saint Trillo, Abbot of Llandrillo; Martyr Nerses; Saint Edburga, nun of Winchester; repose of Jonah, Fool-for-Christ of Peshnosha Monastery; translation of the relics of Saint Theodore the Sykeote; translation of the relics of Saint Pachomios the Great