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The Holy Trinity

Forefeast of the Procession of the Precious and Life-giving Cross of the Lord; Righteous Eudokimos of Cappadocia; Righteous Joseph of Arimathea; Martyr Julitta at Caesarea (see also July 29); Saint Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre; Hieromartyr Benjamin, Metropolitan of Petrograd and Gdovsk, and Martyrs Sergius the Archimandrite, Yuri and John, laymen, of Petrograd; Saint Arsenius, Bishop of Ninotsminda; Saint Neot, Abbot of Neotstoke; Saint Maughold, Bishop of the Isle of Man; twelve martyrs of Rome. Other events: consecration of the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos of Blachernae; translation of the relics of Apostle Philip to Cyprus; repose of Elder Gerasimos the Younger of Kaluga's St. Sergius Skete