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The Baptism of Christ

Eve of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Prophet Micah (9th c. BC); Martyr Theopemptus, Bishop of Nicomedia and Martyr Theonas, the former sorcerer (303); Martyr Sais; Martyr Theoidus; Righteous Syncletica of Alexandria, nun (ca.350 or ca.460); Venerable Domnina (Domna); Venerable Tatiana, nun; Saint Apollinaris, Virgin, of Egypt (ca.470); Venerable Phosterius the Hermit (6th c.); Saint Menas of Sinai (6th c.); Venerable Gregory of Crete, monk (ca.820); Venerable Dorotheos the Younger, restorer of the ancient Monastery of the Holy Trinity at Chiliokomon in Amaseia, Pontus; Hieromartyr Saint Telesphorus, a Greek who was Pope of Rome for ten years (ca. 136) (see also February 22 - East); Saint Emiliana, a Roman lady and the paternal aunt of Pope St Gregory the Great (6th c.); Saint Kiara (Chier), a spiritual daughter of St Fintan Munnu (ca.680); Venerable Cera of Ireland (Ciar, Cyra, Cior, Ceara), Abbess (7th c.); Venerable Conwoïon (Convoyon), a Breton saint and Abbot (868); Saint Gaudentius of Gnesen (Radim Gaudentius), first Archbishop of Gnesen in Poland (1004); New Monk-martyr Romanus of Carpenision and Kapsokalyvia, at Constantinople (1694) (see also February 16); Venerable Symeon of the Pskov-Caves Monastery, Hiero-Schemamonk (1960); Schema-Archimandrite Venerable Theophan (Rikhlovsky) of Nizhyn (1977) (see also December 23); New Hieromartyr Joseph Bespalov, and with him 37 Martyrs (1921); Hieromartyr Stephen Ponomarev, Protopresbyter, at Alma-Ata (1933); Virgin-martyr Eugenia Domozhirova, at Alma-Ata (1933); New Hieromartyr Sergius, Priest (1934); Martyr Matthew (1938); Other commemorations: Translation of the relics of St. Rumon, Bishop, to Tavistock Abbey; Repose of Monk Alexander of Valaam Monastery (1810).