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The Three Holy Hierarchs

Synaxis of the Three Holy Hierarchs: Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom; Hieromartyr Hippolytus, Pope of Rome, and with him Martyrs Censorinus, Sabinus, Ares, the virgin Chryse, and with her Martyrs Felix, Maximus, Herculianus, Venerius, Styracius, Mennas, Commodus, Hermes, Maurus, Eusebius, Rusticus, Monagrius, Amandinus, Olympius, Cyprus, Theodore the Tribune, Maximus the Presbyter, Archelaus the deacon, and Cyriacus the bishop, all beheaded at Ostia; Martyr Theophilus the New in Cyprus; Saint Zeno, hermit of Antioch, disciple of St. Basil the Great; New-Martyr Theodore of Mitylene (Mount Athos); Saint Peter, king of Bulgaria; Saint Zeno the Faster of the Kiev Caves; Blessed Pelagia of Diviyevo; New-Martyr Demetrius of Sliven, Bulgaria; Martyr Athanasia and her three daughters; Saint Julian, priest of Aegina; Saint Bathildes, nun of Chelles and Queen of France; "Tinos" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. Other Events: Day of Letters (Greek Orthodox Church)