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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Hieromartyr Clement, Bishop of Ancyra, and Martyr Agathangelus; Saint Paulinus the Merciful, Bishop of Nola; Saint Mausimas the Syrian, monk; Saint Salamanes the Silent of the Euphrates, monk; Saint Gennadius of Kostroma, monk; Saint Eusebius, recluse of Mount Coryphe near Antioch; Saint Lupicinus of Lipidiaco (Gaul); Righteous father Dionysius of Olympus; Saint Andrey of Optina; Virgin-Martyr Emerentiana of Rome; translation of the relics of Saint Theoctistus, Bishop of Novgorod; synaxis of the saints of Kostroma; commemoration of the Sixth Ecumenical Council. Other events: repose of Abbot Damascene of Valaam